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Rendering Services

J & R Rendering undertakes all forms of solid plastering at competitive prices. Services include cement rendering, Acrylic render texture coating, plaster setting and granosite texture coatings. There are many good reasons why you should.

  • Solid Plastering (Cement Rendering) is not only a great way to add style to your home, it’s also a great investment.
  • With a wide range of colours and finishes, it is a great value for money way to increase the appearance and value of your home.
  • Whether you’re looking to revamp an older style home, or building a new home, there is definitely an option to suit your needs.

Cement Rendering

Is the application of a thin pre-mixed surface of sand, cement & lime to brick, cement or stone. Rendering can have a range of different finishes, fine, coarse or textured.

Acrylic Texture Coatings and Paints

Acrylic render is a render that uses acrylic (which is a type of plastic) in the mix. Acrylic texture coatings are the application of thin pre-mixed products that come in a range of different finishes and are manufactured by multiple companies. Textures not only offer different finishes, when applied over render it creates a stronger surface with a greater resistance to the weather, cracks and mould.

Plaster Setting

Plaster setting is the application of a thin pre-mixed surface of hardwall plaster and lime suitable for indoor use only. Plaster set produces a neat, smooth, hard finish which creates a hygienic surface.


Granosite texture coatings are comprised of a system of preparation products, textures and topcoat membranes. The systems ensure optimum, long lasting texture performance. Granosite products can be troweled, rolled or sprayed on creating different texture profiles. Call Ray now on 0414 381 122.